Why NOW is the right time for Investing in Apartments


You may be asking, “Why would anyone start investing in apartments now? The residential market is so hot, we can barely find enough projects as it is!” The answer lies in those very statements.

We all know that real estate investing is cyclical. (Right? You do know that, don’t you? If you don’t, you need to start reviewing history, otherwise, you may loose everything you’ve built up these last few years!) Because of these known cycles, we always need to be planning for and anticipating the next phase, and investing in apartments is ours. Because of the inevitable nature of real estate’s up’s and down’s, we can – and should – plan our next steps. Investing in apartments is our next step.

The main reasons for my shift over the next 6-12 months are these:

  1. The residential rehab market will continue to tighten, with supply drying up. This makes it more difficult to compete.
  2. More and more competition from ‘newbie’ investors, those that are fresh out of ‘real estate boot camps’ and willing to pay way more than I am for a property (this is their inexperience).
  3. More and more people, when faced with the looming ‘market correction’ (what a phrase, huh: ‘Correction’) and the loss of jobs/hours, will need to downsize from houses into apartments.
  4. The baby-boomers are also downsizing, and will need to lower their overhead. By investing in apartments, we’ll be more prepared for this shift in economic lifestyle. And we’ll be able to ride this wave for the next 8-12 years, as this segment of our population goes through this shift.
  5. Cash flow. I’ll paraphrase a quote from Harry Helmsley: “I always liked the idea that a group of people would pool their money together to pay off the mortgage on my building.” Yeah, this sounds good to me.

Is investing in apartments tough? Not really. It depends on your approach. Some investors I know have amassed a a huge portfolio: two-thousand units up to five- & six- thousand units. These are BIG operations for a small group of people to manage. But this also presents an amazing opportunity to have safety.  Here’s why: It’s tough to buy the hundred-plus unit complexes that can actually cashflow while they pay for on-site management, with a $100,000 retirement account. However, you can partner with people that have the same amount of money, along with a person who is responsible for putting this syndication together. There’s safety in numbers, right?

Over the coming months, I’m going to write more about this shift in our biz, the benefits of investing in apartments, potential returns, and some things to look out for within the syndications. I’m so excited to share this with all of you!

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Here’s a new video inside a Fix-n-Flip in Palm Desert CA, which is coming along very nicely. We purchased it a couple months ago, and we’re just about completed. While there weren’t too many problems with this property, there were some things we needed to do: tear down a couple of walls, seal up a door, jackhammer the fireplace… all of the demo for the kitchen, baths, and flooring… Doing a Fix-n-Flip takes a bit of time! But it’s a GREAT project, and we purchased it at a great price.

Stay tuned for the finished project in couple more weeks!!

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006: Attorney Lynda L. Sands Discusses Trusts, Part 2 [Podcast]

Trusts: Attorney Lynda Sands concludes her discussion of various types of trusts, asset protection, and privacy. This is CRITICAL information for all new and experienced real estate investors throughout the US!


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Here’s the conclusion of our discussion with Attorney Lynda Sands. Part 1 came out about a month ago. However, I attended the Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny here in Palm Springs, where I screamed my voice out, and then we got into the holidays, and celebrated my birthday!  Sorry for the delay.

Another way for people to begin building their own capital: Wholesaling Real Estate- the process of placing a property under contract for purchase, and then assigning it to an end buyer for a higher amount than the contracted price. The is the assignment fee. So you’re ‘wholesaling’ the property to another investor.

A really powerful way to flip short-sale and REO homes is to use a Trust to Purchase the property!

If you’d like to contact Lynda, please go to AssetSentryLegal.com

If you’d like to comment on this episode, please  scroll down to the comments section.  Feel free to ask a question, or even suggest a topic you want to know more about. Here are some of the people and companies that Lynda suggested in the interview:

Mark Warda – a Great book: Land Trusts for Privacy and Profit

Randy Hughes – Has a great course on Land Trusts

Ward Hanigan – Attorney, Foreclosures & 1031 Exchanges

Exiter – Serves as Trustee for Land Trusts

Equity Holding Company – Serves as Trustee for Land Trusts

Bill Gatten – Another course on Land Trusts


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005: Attorney Lynda L. Sands Discusses Trusts, Part 1 [Podcast]

Today’s episode is an interview on the use of trusts with attorney Lynda Sands.  If you’re not familiar with the use of trusts as a real estate investor, you DO NOT want to miss this!

Trust the Knight at DiscreetInvestors.com

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We begin with Listener Questions.  This is YOUR chance to participate in the conversation, to get your questions answered, or maybe get some feedback on a deal. You can also suggest a topic that you’re interested in learning about.

Today’s question was from Kimberly Rushing at White Feather Investments in San Bernardino, CA. You can find them here at www.whitefeatherinvestments.com

Now, a couple of questions for you, the listeners:

  1. What’s the biggest reason for NOT having your properties in individual Trusts – is it the perceived cost, time, or perhaps you don’t know who to go to that will effectively teach you what you need to know?
  2. If you do have a trust, do you have it named correctly?

To answer these, please scroll down to the comment section.

The interview with Lynda discussed the history of trusts, the various types of trusts, and the different people involved in making a trust.

You can find more about Lynda here: assetsentrylegal.com and here: www.lyndam.com

In last episode, I said I was going to provide a few tips on getting capital of your own, but because this interview went longer than I expected, we didn’t have time this week.  I’ll make sure to get it into episode 006.

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Thanks again for listening, we’ll be back next week with part 2 of the interview with Lynda Sands. And – Keep Moving Forward, my friends! 🙂