005: Attorney Lynda L. Sands Discusses Trusts, Part 1 [Podcast]

Today’s episode is an interview on the use of trusts with attorney Lynda Sands.  If you’re not familiar with the use of trusts as a real estate investor, you DO NOT want to miss this!

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Today’s question was from Kimberly Rushing at White Feather Investments in San Bernardino, CA. You can find them here at www.whitefeatherinvestments.com

Now, a couple of questions for you, the listeners:

  1. What’s the biggest reason for NOT having your properties in individual Trusts – is it the perceived cost, time, or perhaps you don’t know who to go to that will effectively teach you what you need to know?
  2. If you do have a trust, do you have it named correctly?

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The interview with Lynda discussed the history of trusts, the various types of trusts, and the different people involved in making a trust.

You can find more about Lynda here: assetsentrylegal.com and here: www.lyndam.com

In last episode, I said I was going to provide a few tips on getting capital of your own, but because this interview went longer than I expected, we didn’t have time this week.  I’ll make sure to get it into episode 006.

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Thanks again for listening, we’ll be back next week with part 2 of the interview with Lynda Sands. And – Keep Moving Forward, my friends! 🙂