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Roger King – Bio

Having been born in Cincinnati, my family moved to southwest Florida when I was 10. By the time I was 14, my father had begun his real estate investing career, a choice that changed all of our lives forever.

I’ve always been passionate about music, and after attending a community college in Gainesville, I decided to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  There, I met the future ‘who’s-who’ of today’s music industry, and keep in touch with many of them, still in awe of their talent, skill, and the gigs they get!

After Berklee, I formed a real estate investment company with my father and brother in law in Orlando, FL. We would buy, fix & flip, sell, wholesale, lease option and owner-finance properties. I did this for a few years, until I was bitten by the performing bug, and left the company to go on tour playing drums in the ‘neo-swing’ band, Swingerhead. Following four years with that group, I started my own jazz quintet, King ‘Tet, playing straight-ahead jazz all over Florida for several years.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2003, I worked as a kitchen designer, before getting back into real estate at the end of the ‘re-fi boom’ in 2006. I quickly joined a company that was developing condo-hotel resorts in various parts of the world. My job was to raise acquisition capital for the purchase of these properties. Moving to Palm Springs in late 2008, I remained at the company until it became untenable –  the economy had taken a plunge.

In 2009, I started wholesaling properties once again. This was excellent timing, and was the precursor to developing my private lending business.  Having borrowed a hard money loan on one of our first projects in Orlando in the late ’90’s, I realized that being the bank was definitely what kind of business I wanted to be in, and I’m living that dream today!

I volunteer as much as I can, my first taste of which was with Create Now, a music program for at-risk youth in and around L.A. After I moved to the desert, I spent a lot of time with the Boys & Girls Club here in the Coachella Valley with the jazz and show band, Heatwave. More recently, I’ve joined the board of directors for the Steinway Society of  Riverside, heading up their jazz program. Still playing gigs around town, I enjoy hearing great musicians work their craft, and enjoying those conversations.

I travel to LA quite often visiting friends, doing business, or even taking drum lessons, for which I must mention Mr. Bruce Becker. There’s just nobody out there with this expertise and skill. I hold a special place in my heart for all of my musician friends and colleagues that constantly deal with the question, “Where’s my next gig?” My desire is to help each of us build a financially secure future using a fundamentally more conservative approach to investing.

If you’d like to contact me, please feel free to do so here.

Brian Rehler – Bio

Brian Rehler grew up in Upstate New York with a family involved in many facets of real estate investments. As a former US Army Officer and
Helicopter Pilot, he brings discipline and structure to an ever-changing real estate world. His ability to focus and complete projects efficiently both personally and professionally is among the best.

Brian then moved to Central Florida where he was a mortgage broker for over 20 years. His experience afforded him the opportunity to thoroughly understand conventional and government financing, secondary markets, treasuries and equity markets. Brian has the ability to evaluate current economic environments for investments with maximum growth potential.

As a real estate investor and property manager for over 20 years, Brian supervises and implements efficient management teams with the knowledge, skills and resources to support successful projects from start to finish.

Brian is currently a Partner with JBB Holdings, LLC and maintains joint venture partnerships in funding multi-family and single family projects across the country. He is partnered with affiliate members in several metropolitan areas.

Brian provides the ability and resourcefulness to manage his people through virtually any situation. This combination of accomplishments and experiences supports detailed negotiations within partnerships and extensive transactions for mutually beneficial results.

Feel free to contact Brian here.