Why “Why’s?”? Should You Invest in a Trust Deed?

Ask Questions To Get Motivated about Private Lending at DiscreetInvestors.com/blog/Because if you don’t have some great “Why’s?”, you’ll never Change. or Grow. or Get better. or Decide. In fact, if you don’t have a full metric ton of great “Why’s?”, you’ll diminish. You’ll atrophy. Your life will flounder. This really is how the successful people become successful. They’re not smarter. They have more “Why’s?” than most other people. Oh – And don’t worry about “How’s?”. That comes later. The “Why?” for this blog is simple: Get people to learn about the transparency of Private Lending, the safety of a Trust Deed, and how to take back the power for their financial future.

Need help with finding your “Why’s?” Here we go…

How we “Why?”
Begin to think about all the things you dream about doing, having, providing for, contributing to, facilitating, participating in, banking on… You know: Your Dreams. In addition to the easy material stuff, we need to design a quality of life experience. Here’s a partial list of my “Why’s?”:


  • …I want to be generous – giving to great organizations, like the Steinway Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, Berklee College, Micro loans for developing countries, and so many other philanthropic organizations.
  • …I want to continue to grow the strength of my relationships – I’m already blessed with amazing friends, and am motivated to give back to them the way they give to me.
  • …I want to continue to build by my personal strength. I see where am, and what kind of person I am, and I want to be better. actually, I MUST be better if am going to have everything I want!!
  • …I want a nice place to live, one that I’m proud of. One that I’ve earned by working hard, smart, ethically, and honorably.
  • …I want to travel (this is one of the reasons I need more money than I need).
  • …I want to make music and pay my musician friends well.
  • …I want to prove that with the right strategy, everyone can make money – it begins with a mindset. (My strategy is Private Lending through Trust Deed Investments.) That’s all.

These are a few of my “Why’s?”.

How’s?” are much easier. There are literally thousands of systems out there helping you to do the ‘How?’. Want to day-trade stocks? Awesome! Here’s the best system out there: Tradershark.com. My friend Brian has built this platform, and it is proving to be one of the best and most well-respected methods available anywhere. Maybe you want to build a business from the ground up and sell it for a profit? Read the books The E-Myth books by Michael Gerber. Or perhaps you’re an aspiring (or successful) real estate investor. Check out Ron LeGrand, and learn his methods – it’s the course I took in 1996. There so many others out there… No need to reinvent the wheel. Just follow one or two methods, see which one fits your personality, and start! Of course, a safe, conservative Trust Deed excites me, and have first hand knowledge of this biz, so I prefer it to other choices. But you need to make up your own mind.

Still No “Why’s?”?
Then you’re doomed to mediocrity. Doomed to fail. Doomed for lethargy and a dispassionate existence. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll never even try. And if you don’t try, you’ll believe in yourself even less than you do now. It is a vicious, unending circle of disappointment. You don’t need to become a Trust Deed  investor like me.  You MUST do something, though!

But that “doomed road to mediocrity” can be changed with just a pen and paper. And action… “Take”, as my hero Tony Robbins says, “Massive Action!!”

Your Exercise (yes, like a muscle!):
1) Get paper & pen
2) Write down Everything you want – and I mean EVERYTHING – in 2 minutes. Do Not Edit This List!
3) Rank the top 10 things you want the most.
4) Every day for 7 days: When you wake up, close your eyes and focus on each of these things as being yours, as being experienced by you, the feelings you’ll get by helping others, by helping your family.  Do this again for 7 more days. Get it ingrained. I dare you to prove me wrong!
This will begin to make it real. This will give you the ‘Why’s?’. This will be the beginning of your future. A new future you might not have known about.

If you never look for your “Why’s?”, how will ever find them?

Here’s something to ask OUT LOUD:  How can I start this minute, and make my life what I really want it to be?? 



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