Who We ARE

Roger King


Sept, 2019: "The real estate market is changing, and it's my belief that we're heading closer and closer to a recession. The fix & flip model is nearly dead, and certainly dying... for now! But we have some major opportunities in affordable housing: cash-flow, in particular, is what we need right now. Many newer investors have done a few deals - yet they're not prepared for this downturn. They've heard stories, but never lost money. I'm here to help, because we all must learn to protect our downside!"

Roger has seen this before 2001, 2008... and 2020? This all happened before - the easing of credit from banks, the lowering of rates from the FED. Roger King shifted his main investment model beginning early last year - away from flips and is buying more mobile home parks, small commercial, and yes, even some ground up development. Roger is continuing to amass a lean group of projects designed specifically to weather a downturn in the economy, with an eye on post-crash buy and hold opportunities to build the value wave.

In the last 10 years, Roger has fix & flipped hundreds of homes, developed ground-up luxury spec homes & twin-home units, bought mobile home parks, commercial buildings, performing promissory notes on churches, and is currently partners on a new Glamping site next to Zion National Park in Utah, plus (how many?) other projects in that state, California, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Dakota, Ohio, and Delaware.

His early inspiration was seeing his father dramatically change their family's lifestyle after starting to invest in the early 80’s and it made an indelible impact on 13 year old Roger. 

Although he didn’t know it at the time, this would later become a way for Roger to impact many thousands of people, first as an investor, then developer, then as an educator.

With a strong passion for music and drumming, Roger decided to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston. While there, he met the future ‘who’s-who’ of today’s music industry, and keeps in touch with many of them, is still in awe of their talent, skill, and performances.

After Berklee, Roger formed a real estate investment company with his father and brother in law in Orlando, FL, where they would buy, fix & flip, sell, wholesale, lease option and owner-finance properties. Doing this for a few years, Roger was once again drawn to music, and left the company to go on tour playing drums throughout the US. Roger got to learn real estate investing 101: tearing up old carpets, painting, changing out toilets, obtaining hard-money financing, deal structure, and his favorite part of it all: Negotiating with sellers.  

Roger moved to Los Angeles in 2003 and returned to real estate full-time at the end of the re-fi boom in 2006. Joining a development company which was doing condo-hotel resort conversions throughout the world, Roger’s primary focus was raising acquisition funding for the purchase of these properties, introducing him to the a new and bigger side of real estate: equity and debt capital. 

Stay tuned for more....